As an American I have had it very well. I did poor in school but I have had a blessed life. When I learned about Africa I was appauled to see the inhuman conditions people are living in.

I connect to some African ministers through TikTok who are the hands and feet of Jesus. Many of them have mentored me and kept me alive through various trials.

I only point you how to get ahold of them. I am not a middle-man or a charity, I have never asked for money ever. I am interested seeing the true salt of the earth continue to help the poor and needy so they can become great and plentiful. If you feel led to help you can reach them with any information I provided.

Yaw David Boahen

David has ministered to me for over six months through TikTok. He's taught me how to pray more than anything. He is a great man of God. Please see his TikTok for more details. He is visiting orphans, widows, sick, and feeding the hungry.

I will add more content once I come again. I have a lot of things going on but they need help.